Tuesday, December 13, 2005

Gifting -- FINISHED!!!

Those of you who visit The Wagon BB might have seen my post yesterday....I've finished my Christmas shopping!! The final "purchase" was for DH, who asked that I plan a weekend getaway for the 2 of us. So we'll be spending the weekend before Valentine's Day in Niagara Falls (the Canadian side), at Villa Gardenia. I got an email from the innkeeper this morning informing me that since those dates are considered a "holiday" weekend, the cost per night is a little higher than the posted off-season weekend rates....but it is still less than most B&Bs on the American side, especially after the currency conversion. And since I had already made up & printed what I think is a VERY spiffy little gift card for DH's stocking, I figured what the heck, we're sticking with the plan!!

Today we are getting our back door replaced. Hooray for no more drafts! But I'll bet the Mina-Kitty will be quite upset with me when I get home...since she has been trapped in the basement all day. I'm sure she has made her displeasure known to the contractor - yowling and head-banging the cat door.....

Thanks for the compliments on my recent projects! I've been very good about NOT acquiring any new stash lately. It does feel good to use up things I already have.... Now if I just had more TIME!

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Von said...

Congrats, Erin, on finishing your Christmas shopping!! My husband is lending me a hand - he always finds better deals.