Friday, November 11, 2005


Ugh. It feels like I never leave this place.... One of my coworkers was sick yesterday, and she usually works the 6-10 pm reference shift. I agreed to cover for her if she would work this Sunday night from 6-10 for me -- which is cool and all, but it meant that I was here from 8 am until 10 pm yesterday. I did run home for about an hour to eat dinner, but other than that I was here. Blah. (And goodness knows, I COULD have 4 hours I had ONE piddly reference question. Sheesh.)

I did a naughty thing yesterday, too. I should know better than to browse around on eBay at "that time of the month", but I just couldn't resist....and I ended up bidding on and winning some of those DMC "Stitch-A-Teddy" bears. You know, the little plushies with the Aida bibs you can personalize? I think they are too cute, and since I have lots of friends (and family, for that matter!) that are at that child-bearing stage of life, it seemed like a good thing to have in the stash box for quick gifts. Anyway, the lot I bid on was 4 of the bears plus 2 of the larger, blanket-like "Comfort Bears." I got them for less than $20, so it wasn't a huge expense, but I had been doing so well in my attempt to stay "on the wagon".... *sigh* Plus, my LNS called earlier this week, and one of my framing orders is ready. It was a piece I gave to my mom and she brought it back out here for framing - she even paid in advance, so I have no excuse to part with ANY $$$ when I go to pick up the piece tomorrow. The question is, can I be strong and resist the siren song of the 50%-off bins and end cuts of pretty fabric?!?!?!?!? Ack.

But there was a bright spot in my day yesterday...mail!! Thank you, Dani, for the lovely fob!! (Now I have to ask, how do you keep such a pretty thing from catching the eye of a playful kitty??)

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AnneS said...

Do we get to share the fob piccie-wise? LOL - I love to share everyone's stitching treasures! Perhaps when picking up your framed piece for your Mum, you can phone them from outside, and ask them to bring it out for you ... haha, yeah, I know, it'd never work! :))