Monday, November 14, 2005

I'm obviously insane

So we are going to Iowa for Thanksgiving. DH's 2 siblings, 3 step-brothers and their wives, and at least one set of grandparents will all be there. (We figure there will be at least 17 people in the house by dinnertime on Thursday - ack.) Since this is one of the VERY rare times the whole family will be together, we're doing Christmas as well. Back in August, when DH's dad and step-mom came out here to visit, they took back my gift for Grandma - "Blessed are the Piecemakers", finished and framed. Seeing as we are flying, and everyone has to travel at least an hour or 2 for this get-together, it has been agreed that limited gifting will occur, and that which does will probably involve gift cards and money! But is that enough for the Crazy Crafty Lady? Nooooo....

I decided Friday that I would make a little stitched ornament for the 3 step-brothers' wives. I don't really know any of them that well, and we see so little of each other, so it seemed like a nice gesture. But eeek, I forgot how little time I have for this project!! I think I'll give one of the girls the Graceful Lily blackwork-&-beaded ornie I finished earlier this year, so that means only 2 to stitch and finish. I stitched AND finished one over the weekend -- a little "Christmas Sprite" boy dressed in denim overalls and a Santa hat and holding a tree and a star. This one will be for the gal with 2 little boys - the sprite reminded me of her sons! I hate to admit that I photocopied the pattern from an old magazine a coworker had, back before I really knew how bad it was to photocopy... *blush* The third girl is the "most recent addition" to the family, so I have no idea what her decorating style might be.... Anyway, I finally settled on a little checkered tree from an old JCS issue (I think it is 1989 - before they had an official "ornament" issue). My biggest requirement for any ornie I chose was that it have limited colors and not too detail...but still be pretty when finished. Phew! Of course, now I'm afraid that DH's sister and step-mom - but sister especially - will feel left out. So I'm thinking about a little padded mini basket for SIL....I'm obviously a total nutter.

Other news: I picked up my framing from the LNS -- and bought NOTHING!! YAY ME!!!! It was strange, though....I walked in the store at 2:30, and she closes at 3 pm (my original logic was that if I got there without a lot of time to browse around, I wouldn't pick up too much!). But the owner was nowhere to be found. The lights were on, the door was open, her coffee was on the bookshelf, and her CASH DRAWER WAS UNLOCKED, but she wasn't there. Ack! I waited a bit, feeling like I totally should NOT be there, and then wandered down a couple store fronts to the next open shop. Well, there she was -- chatting about a framing supply order to the owner of the little art gallery. Sheesh - I'm totally for saving money on supplies and all, but shouldn't that wait until AFTER business hours?!?!?!?!?

Last night I did go the A.C. Moore Midnight Madness sale, though. I needed some beads and ribbon to finish these ornaments! I got a package of gold Mill Hill seed beads, a big bag of Darice green seed beads, some of those themed "Dress it Up" button packs with snowflakes and tree lights, a couple spools of 1/8" ribbon, a set 8"x8" Q-Snaps (I've wanted to try them for a long time), and a little toolbox to store my expanding collection of beads and charms in, all for less than $30. It was (almost?) worth braving the crowds of women with carts of yarn, paint, and artificial flowers......

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