Thursday, November 03, 2005

Still not stitching, but I'll answer the SBQ

Ever have those times when you really WANT to stitch....until you sit down and think about getting out the pattern, the floss, the fabric....and then just don't? Yeah, that's been my mood of late. Maybe I will need to grant myself permission to start something new - that could kick me back into gear! But I really wanted to finish OUAT's skirts before I committed to something new. *sigh*

I did get a tiny RAK (that's "Random Act of Kindness", for those of you not familiar with the Wagon BB!) from Karen at Black Swan Designs yesterday. I emailed her sometime ago asking where I could find a copy of her "Black Swan and Fairy" water globe freebie design - I had seen it in a Cyberstitchers' gallery and really liked it, but it is not online and my LNS didn't have it. The stitcher who had posted it in her gallery wanted to scan the pattern and send it to me, but that just didn't feel right..... Anyway, Karen sent me the pattern for free! Hooray!!! Hmmm, maybe that will be my travel project for the trip to Iowa. Oh, but I also found a little Silkweaver Solo in my stash that could be perfect for Dragon Dreams' "Nighttime is Magic" freebie....and there are still those Just Nan charm designs.....and the birth sampler..... Arggghhhhhh! Potential Project Overload!!!!!

OK, SBQ time.
If you have stitched for a while, can you usually pick out the DMC colors you need from memory when you go to your LNS? (For example, you know that 610 is a brown.)

Yep. It all started with Dragon Dreams' "Virtues" freebies....all that backstitching in 3371.... LOL. I don't have complete catalog in my head, but I do ok. I usually shop for floss based on a specific project, though, not just to fill out my floss collection, so I have to know what colors are necessary for a project, and that I can't do without making a list.


AnneS said...

If a new project will do it for you, start one to help you get out of the stitching slump. Been there, done that ... you know you should be stitching, and you even sit in front of the scroll bars and say "right, let's start!" ... and your body just sits in a state of inertia until you realise 2 hours has gone by, and you still haven't picked up a needle! :) Just do whatever it is your body is telling you to do - we all need time sometimes to recharge the mind/soul, and if it means we don't stitch for a short while, so be it ... but trying to start something new might kickstart you into a renewed spirit of stitching :)

Von said...

Anne is right :)
Sometimes you just need a time away perhaps pursuing another interest, or just catching up with a home project. After my twins were born, I went years without picking up a needle!

Patti said...

Good luck Erin! Maybe if you set a goal of just stitching for 10 minutes only it would help. Then if you aren't hooked you could put it down and do the same thing later. Are you going to Iowa for Thanksgiving?