Wednesday, November 02, 2005

October review, November goals

First the recap.
1) finish the vegetable pattern I'm stitching on an apron for my sister's Christmas gift. YES
2) get some stitches in on Butternut Road's "Once Upon a Time." YES
3) work on the Dragon Virtues afghan. YES - finished "Trust" square.
4) join in either the Dragon Dreams or the freebie stitchalong over at the Needle & Thread board. NO - just couldn't get motivated to stitch this....
Not bad! I also got a couple pages done in my scrapbook when my mom came to visit, so I count those among my "crafty accomplishments" for the month.

And now for the new list.
1) Once Upon a Time - finish the blues in the front of the maiden's skirt.
2) finish "A Time to Sing."
3) pick a travel project to take to Iowa for our Thanksgiving trip.
4) possibly start something else new? I'm not sure what, but so much of my stash has been screaming lately.....

I haven't done much stitching yet this week. Not sure why....just not in the mood, I guess. There's been a few things on my mind lately that have made it hard to think about stitching. I have been working on a new database for my patterns -- I've actually been going through all my magazines and entering each pattern by subject. It will make it a lot easier to find specific patterns, but it is taking me FOREVER to do. But I am getting the chance to go through all my magazines cover-to-cover, which is fun! Oh, and yesterday I indulged in a bit of retail therapy - I bought two Silkweaver mini (9" x 13") solos from their eBay store. It was less than $8, even with shipping, so I don't feel TOO guilty...... At least I have avoided the mystery packs (which I really REALLY wanted) on the Silkweaver website, and the sales over at Stitching Bits & Bobs!

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Patti said...

Hey, 3 out of 4 goals achieved is pretty great if you ask me! Good job Erin.