Sunday, November 06, 2005

itty-bitty HD and an itty-bit of stash

Saturday I finished up "A Time to Sing", and even got started on the finishing. I just need to cut the dowel and attach some ribbon for hanging....

I'm not thrilled with the way the colors work with the DH said when he looked at it, "those are pretty colors." But he couldn't tell there were three birds in there!! It is quite cute, though. (For those curious about the size, I stitched it on 2" wide ribband and it is about 6" long.)

I also got a lovely package in the mail on Saturday...2 new fabbies from Silkweaver! I bought 2 of their 9" x 13" Luganas on eBay. The blue one is especially nice - it has a touch of mauve in it. I can already think of a few small ornament/freebie designs that I might be able to use it with. Now the pink....hmmm....I'm not a big fan of pink fabric, and this is BRIGHT. IRL it is even more fuschia than it looks in the pic. Maybe a little fairy design or something? I don't know. But for now both of them are living in my stash cabinet, quite happy to increase the population of hand-dyeds in there.... hehehehe

Last night DH and I went to Barnes & Noble -- he was looking for a comic book pricing guide (cross your fingers, he is actually talking about getting rid of the comic books!!). I wandered around in front of the cross stitch magazines, but didn't find anything that really grabbed me. And there was a salesperson hovering in the area, so I couldn't even attempt to peek into the plastic-wrapped British magazines. Heh. Oh well, all the better to keep me from spending money!!

I've been feeling quite domestic this weekend....last night I tried a new recipe for spinach and pork stuffed shells. Delish! And this morning I got up before DH and made muffins (from a mix, of course) for breakfast. Tonight we are having my super-easy broccoli cheese soup for dinner....yum!


AnneS said...

Your latest finish is pretty - very cute! Maybe a little bit of backstitching in a slightly darker colour would show the birds up a bit more ... personally I like the subtlety as it is :) Your fabric looks nice - I have to admit, I'm like you ... adore blue, not so much the pink hmmm. Perhaps an exchange piece in the making?? ;)

Patti said...

Congratulations on your finish Erin. I like the colors!

Lnanaa said...

Wow that finish is really pretty. I like it.

The fabric from silkweaver are beautiful. :)

tkdchick said...

Congrats on your HD it is pretty.