Monday, October 31, 2005

Happy Halloween!

Saturday we took Maggie (aka "Freak-Cat") to my mom's. I've gotten some grief about this on another bulletin board - not a stitching community - where people seem to think that I've condemned my cat to a sub-standard life by putting her in a place where she will spend a significant amount of time outside/away from people. Mom and Dad have a potting shed that doubles as the "cat house" -- complete with a lovely little window bed, shelves she can climb all the way up into the rafters, lots of toys, and fresh food and water. She sure seemed to love it on Saturday! And Mom will visit her and play with her everyday. It seems to me like that is a better life than she was having at our house, where every 5 minutes someone would yell at her for jumping on the table/climbing the bookshelves/eating wires/clawing curtains/etc. Like DH said, some animals are better suited for indoor living than others. We're just lucky that we could provide a good alternative to our place...and we've learned our lesson. We will be a one-pet household from now on!

Mina was quite lovey with me when we got home on Saturday. She doesn't seem too upset about Maggie's disappearance, either... And I got to put up a few Halloween decorations now that I don't have Maggie's climbing and inappropriate playing habits to deal with. (Mina has shown no interest in walking on tabletops or eating candles.)

I did a bit of stitching last night on "Once Upon a Time." The biggest "loop" of the blue skirt is done! Now I just have the 2 lower folds to do, along with the bit of train that extends behind the maiden, and I'll be completely DONE with the blues! I'm beginning to burn out, projects are starting to call to me from the file cabinet, and their voices are getting louder and louder.....


Patti said...

Congratulations on your stitching progress Erin! And I'm sure your cat will be happier with room to play as you mentioned.

AnneS said...

Sounds like your stitching is coming along great ... if you get to the stage that you can't bear it anymore, just stitch something new for the interim, then go back to it again - I'm just starting a 'true' rotation for the same reason - I need to stitch a few things that I 'lost the love for' ... by just stitching in short bursts inbetween other things, I'm getting back to actually enjoying stitching them again :)