Tuesday, November 08, 2005

Night Wizard progress pic

Thank you all for the comments on my little rant earlier!! It really will all work out....in fact, just today my SIL and I have exchanged some much lighter email notes. All is well.

So, as a reward for reading all of that ranting, I give you.........Night Wizard!!! (OK, so he is still headless - and mostly body-less - but you get the idea.)

I'm not sure how thrilled I am with the fabric. It might be a bit too brown....although there IS a bit more blue in the upper left - where the moon will be - and lower right. And of course scans aren't always the best representations of color. Well see how it turns out! You also can't really see the blending filament I added to the first couple rows of light purple, but it is a nice sparkly touch. I think I need to chart a title for the book he's reading....any ideas??


AnneS said...

The fabric colour looks fine - the floss colours are still vibrant on it :)

tkdchick said...

I think Night Wizard will be fabulous on that fabric! It will give it a feeling of a dark room