Tuesday, November 08, 2005

Holidays, Families & Frustrations

A non-stitching rant...

So DH and I made plans about 2 months ago to visit his father and step-mother for Thanksgiving. His 2 siblings, grandparents, and 3 stepbrothers and their children will all be there, and this will double as the family Christmas (since we are scattered far and wide and have limited time and money for travel).

Two nights ago his mom called us.
"Hey, I will be in Iowa for Thanksgiving, at Uncle Joe's. Grandma will be there. Any chance you guys can stop by for a day or 2?"

Now, Uncle Joe lives on the other side of the state from Dad. we are flying into Omaha on Thanksgiving Day, and will have about a 2-hour drive from the airport to the homestead. We leave Saturday, so you figure a similar amount of travel time. Spending Friday visiting the other side of the family seems 1) unfair to Dad, who was planning on us being there all 3 days, and 2) (my selfish side speaking up) totally hectic and un-fun. DH explained this to Mom, and she seemed ok with it. In fact, she was the one who commented that we would be spending a hellish amount of time just traveling over those 3 days if we tried to criss-cross the state.

Sister-in-law was a different story.

I love her but she can be a total drama queen. After emailing with me, and getting an email from her other brother who works retail and can NOT take Friday off, she has accused us all of essentially not loving Mom and being selfish. DH had to spend about an hour on the phone with her last night trying to calm her down. *sigh* I was stitching, but was also giggling about how silly the whole thing really was.....and I ended up frogging out three different colors on my Night Wizard! I guess that was karma, biting me in the butt for making light of my SIL's emotional state.....


Von said...

Erin, I'm so sorry for your current family stresses. For so many of us, myself included, there are always difficult people in the family that have to be managed. Wouldn't it be nice if we all could just imagine the other's situation for a few minutes before spouting off!!

Lnanaa said...

Yea I go thru the same thing every year with Christmas. We have to visit both my family and my husband's family at the same time since we live far away from both of them. It can be really stressful when they try to pressure us into doing alot of traveling.

We are thinking about staying in Florida next year for Christmas and make them come visit us. It's getting too hard with a baby.

Hope it all works out for you and your hubby.

Carol said...

Sounds familiar! My DH's family insists on DH for all holidays, though, ignores my family's needs, and DH has problems with asserting himself with them. Thusly, I don't decorate and play the "I am not into holidays" routine, which is totally untrue. I just want to avoid those freaks! Good luck - you are lucky, your MIL is being understanding. Mine would (and has) fake an illness to make sure DH visits her!

Patti said...

What is it about holidays that turn grown adults in to total babies? It's got to be the stress? Good luck!