Monday, November 07, 2005

A new start & a random thought

Well, after finishing "A Time to Sing" on Saturday, I was inspired to finish another of my November goals on Sunday....I got the blues in "Once Upon a Time"'s skirts finished, too! So last night I treated myself to a new start. I started Dragon Dreams' "Night Wizard" freebie on a Silkweaver hand-dyed (added bonus - if I get it finished I can enter it in the Stitcher's Showcase!). The fabbie is blue and brown....not as vibrant as I'd originally thought, but it creates an interesting effect. I'm also adding a bit more sparkle to the design - I added blending filament over the top of the lightest purple (the cuffs of the wizard's robes and the brim of his hat). And I'm debating whether or not to use some Kreinik green metallic for the little dragon.....hmmm.

I'll post a pic soon!

On another note, I'd just like to say that I love it when other stitchers post extra-large pics of their stitching, whre I can really see each stitch. It makes me feel better about the less-than-perfect spots in my own pieces to see that other people have the occasional loose stitch, spot where they pulled a bit too tightly, or other minor imperfection!! (And that's not to say that I go looking for mistakes...on the contrary, the majority of the stitching I've seen on the web is exquisite, even with the little things I mentioned above. It is just that seeing it allows me to accept that MY stitching is good, too!)


Patti said...

Hey, it's only the 7th of the month and you're knocking off goals already?? :-) Keep up the good work.

AnneS said...

Have you been looking at my close-ups? haha - I don't worry about my stitches being perfect anymore (actually, I can't say I ever did, really) ... I just enjoy the process of stitching ... if my stitches are loose etc, so be it :-P Good on you getting the skirt stitched - look forward to seeing your DD piece :)