Sunday, November 20, 2005

...and I did what this weekend? *sigh*

Yeah. Well, I DID finish - and ornamentify - the little checkered tree ornament. I used a green-and-khaki gingham for the back, some gold metallic ribbon for the hanger, and a white snowflake charm (from my A.C. Moore binge!) at the top. I tried scanning it, but it just didn't work...another "wait for the film to get developed" project!

Then I started and finished the little kitty pattern I wanted to finish into a padded basket top for my SIL. All was going well until I started putting the basket top together....I hot-glued it together crooked, and when I tried to fix it, I ruined the stitching! Ugh. So my entire Sunday stitching ended up in the trash can. Blah. I'm going to give SIL a stitching "rain check", I think....since several years ago I gave DH's stepmom, mom, sister, and grandmother stitched angel ornaments, it isn't as if they haven't ever gotten a stitched gift from me. I'll let Sara (SIL) tell me what kind of design she might like. (As DH said earlier today, after the emotional roller coaster she seems to be on lately, giving her something with a kitty on it, no matter how cute, might make her over-react and assume I think of her as the Crazy Single Cat Lady.)

I'm burned out on the stitching for now, I think. There is no WAY I can pick up another length of thread for a while.....besides, I have to do some cleaning/organizing around the house, since I hate leaving for a trip and coming home to the same old piles of crap.

P.S. But......burned out or not, I DID win a copy of the 2002 JCS ornie issue on eBay tonight..... >:D

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Isabelle said...

Oh no! That's too bad :o( What design was it?

Congrats on the JCS win! :-D