Friday, November 18, 2005

And a few more pics!

Harry Potter was great last night....didn't get home until around 3 AM, but it was worth it! Now it is after lunch (which I haven't eaten, actually) and I'm still wearing my pajamas.... hehehe

But I have pics!
First, the blackwork ornie that I finished earlier this year. Since it is stuffed already, the scan isn't great, but it is the best I could do.
One the right is the 3rd ornament...freshly finished! I still have to "ornamentify" it, but the stitching is done. It is from the 1989 JCS Christmas issue - before the official "ornament issues" were published - and was designed by Fanci That. I changed the green from DMC 501 to 986, used gold Kreinik for the star, and added beads to the centers of the corner snowflakes (I just can't leave a pattern "as is"!).

The tree ornie is a bit bigger than the sprite (see post below) and the sprite is a bit bigger than the blackwork....but they are all between 3 and 4 inches square. I'm so obsessive sometimes -- I was worried about someone getting upset over the size of their ornie. Like that would EVER happen....sheesh.


AnneS said...

I especially love the 1989 tree ornie - very pretty. You're really cracking along with that stitching ... when you've finished, you wanna come and do some of mine too? LOL ;)

Von said...

My oldest son is out right now with three friends catching the midnight showing of the new Harry Potter movie! Then he'll be taking his younger brothers to see it on Monday. :))

How wonderful to have so many projects done. Each one is beautiful!

Lnanaa said...

The ornies are very beautiful. The colors are fabulous. I wanna make something like that too. Hehe.

I love to see the Harry Potter movie, but I have to wait until it becomes caption in the movie so I can understand what's going on. I'm sure it is good since it has been sold out all weekend.

Faith Ann said...

I love both of your ornaments...they look fantastic!

Isabelle said...

Both ornies are really pretty. Love that blackwork especially!

(I still have to wait 10 days before HP is out in France... sigh...)

tkdchick said...

Wow that's dedication going to a movie so late!!!!

Your ornaments are wonderful!