Tuesday, November 22, 2005

Thank you all!

I really appreciate all the compliments on the ornies!! I'm a total perfectionist when it comes to my stitching, and this includes the finishing, so a completed project is rare for me....these 3 little buggers took a lot of work! I haven't stitched anything the past few days -- it feels good to take a bit of a break. But I'm really looking forward to giving them away (although I'd love to keep the blackwork one -- guess I'll have to stitch it again for myself?). Oh, and Christine asked about the border on the "Peep"...I used WDW "Celebration". The pattern called for "Ripe Banana" (Six Strand Sweets, I think?), a blend of yellow and brown, but I liked the "party" feel of "Celebration" better!

Last night I did (almost) all of my laundry, put in a mile in the pool, and tried to clean up around the house a bit. Tonight we MUST get serious about the cleaning & packing, since we are hoping to leave for Cleveland IMMEDIATELY after work tomorrow. BUT it is "Amazing Race" night....and "Law & Order: SVU"...... ack. Looks like there will be take-out for dinner tonight at our house! Bad weather is supposed to hit our area tomorrow night through Friday....cross your fingers for safe travels for us.

In other family-related drama, apparently DH's stepdad had a bit of a medical crisis over the weekend. He had a mild cold, and was off his feet for a day or 2. On Monday he felt better, and went to work...but felt poorly again by the afternoon and headed for the doctor's office. By the time he got there he was in excruciating pain, feverish and talking crazy. They put him straight in an ambulance to the ER....where they found he was going into septic shock, probably brought on by a kidney stone combined with his underlying respiratory infection. Very bad, especially since he has had heart trouble in the past.... It looks like he is out of the woods for now, but it has flipped my drama-queen SIL out again. *sigh*


Kim said...

Your ornaments look great! Worth all the hard work. :) Sorry to hear about the stepdad, but glad he will be okay. And don't we all have a drama queen in our lives? ;)

Have a safe trip, I'll cross my fingers about the weather for you. :)

Happy Thanksgiving!

AnneS said...

Wishing you safe and happy travels - hope the trip goes well :) Sorry to hear about stepdad, but fingers crossed everything works out OK ... happy trails :))

Patti said...

Hope your DHs stepdad is feeling better. And that your drive to Cleveland is a safe one - heard from my sister today outside of Akron and she was complaining of the snow. Happy Thanksgiving!