Monday, October 03, 2005

September Recap, October Goals

Setting goals seemed to work pretty well for me, so I think I'll try it again.... Here is my September recap.
1) finish "Stitching the Standard" -- YES!
2) do one square on my long-neglected Dragon Virtues afghan -- no.
3) start the little teacup design that I want to make into a coaster/trivet as a gift for my mom -- YES! (finished, too!!)
4) pick out a teddy bear design for my friend's new baby -- yes. I'm planning to use a little pattern from Leisure Arts' "Bears & Blossoms" book - a teddy bear surrounded by a heart-shaped wreath of flowers. Here is the best pic of the pattern that I could find.... (thanks to an eBay seller!!) I'll add the baby's name and birthdate, probably under the design.
5) maybe do an ornie or 2 -- assembled one previously finished ornie, stitched AND assembled my "Blackwork Spree". So YES!

October is getting off to a slow start...I feel kind of like my "stitching bug" is crawling into hibernation a bit. Mom is coming out the weekend after next for a day-long scrapbooking event, so maybe it is good that my stitching is taking a bit of a backseat! Anyway, here are some (very modest) goals for October.
1) finish the vegetable pattern I'm stitching on an apron for my sister's Christmas gift. The design is from the Leisure Arts' book, "Something for Every Season", and it is a basket of fruits and veggies. She is a vegetarian, so this is at her request.
2) get some stitches in on Butternut Road's "Once Upon a Time."
3) work on the Dragon Virtues afghan.
4) join in either the Dragon Dreams or the freebie stitchalong over at the Needle & Thread board -- the freebie I want to do is a Dragon Dreams design, so either way it will work! It will just depend which weekend fits my schedule best.

That's it - one goal with a definite end, 2 that are a bit "softer".... We shall see. I might pick up a new small project, like "Spring Peepers" last month, but I won't make that a hard and fast goal.

Ugh. Well, today I have a MASSIVE stiff neck from the weekend car trip. Nothing has helped...I'm sure it will be one of those things that I'll just adapt to until suddenly I realize it is gone. *sigh* But the trip was fun -- beautiful scenery! No real shopping, except for a stop at the outlets outside Pittsburgh so DH could get some new Big Dog gear. I don't think I would have found many stitching stores in the hillbilly countryside of West Virginia, anyway!!

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Patti said...

Erin, that's a lot of yeses for goals achieved - congratulations! I'm going to have to think about setting some too - maybe next month! Hope your neck gets better.