Thursday, October 06, 2005

SBQ, 10/6/2005, and Warm Weather Wishful Thinking

When you have almost finished a pattern and start thinking about the next one to stitch, how do you select it? (a list, most recent purchase, etc.)

Well, this assumes I finish things. LOL Generally, I try to keep myself from starting too many large and/or complicated designs. I have one set of large scroll frames, one smaller set, a 6-inch hoop, and a couple little 4-inch hoops - so my rule is, once something is occupying one of these (especially the frames), I can't start another project of the same size until the WIP is done. As for how I pick the next is mostly just the mood I'm in at the time, unless I have a gift in mind. Right now I'm also a bit constrained by the materials needed, since I'm trying not to spend much on my stitching between now and January 1. If - and it is a BIG if! - I finish "Once Upon a Time," I'd love to start the new Mira mermaids....but I know I don't have all the beads, metallics, and other doo-dads necessary. So basically, my stitching is governed by serendipity.... *grin* Besides, I just love browsing through my pattern stash to see what moves me!!


The weather here has been so lovely lately....I can hardly believe it is October. But the 80-degree afternoons have got me lusting for a Renaissance Faire fix. I've been sighing over garb, music, pics from "my" faire (Great Lakes Medieval) and others, you name it. Maybe next season I should audition for the cast?

I got the most wonderful surprise this week -- I got a RAK from someone over at the Wagon BB!! A little Mill Hill perforated paper kit from Melanie/medievalneedle. Has anyone done these before? I haven't, and I'm a little nervous about the whole "paper" thing. Does it tear easily? What is the best way to attach so many beads (I usually go through the bead on the first pass and split the thread around the bead going the other way)? The kit is beautiful, though -- one of their fall designs called "Bittersweet Bouquet."

My little sister's apron is getting close to finished. I STILL hate waste canvas - but I'm dealing with it. I'm using 8.5-ct. canvas and 4 strands of floss, and the apron fabric is soft enough that stitching is relatively easy, even with the fusible interfacing I put on the back side. Hopefully there will be a pic soon!

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