Friday, September 30, 2005

SBQ 9/28/2005 & a weekend escape...

Thanks for all the comments on the froggies! I'm so happy with them. When DH saw it, he said, "that's cute...what are you going to do with it now?" I just looked at him blankly. *chuckles*

I took yesterday off from work - not feeling incredibly well - and we're going road-tripping this weekend in honor of our third anniversary. Wow, 3 doesn't seem that long, but at the same time it feels like we've been married forever. Ah, life is good. Our plans are to head south into West Virginia (insert redneck/hillbilly/"Deliverance" joke here). On one of our previous adventures we drove through just a bit of the nothern panhandle, and thought the scenery was gorgeous, so we decided it was time we do some exploring. Usually we make reservations at a bed and breakfast when we do stuff like this, but this year we started planning way too late. Guess we'll just have to take our chances and crash at Ma & Pa's Motel....or whatever else we find!! Hmmm. I think this is why we don't have children.

My stitching has stalled a bit since finishing the Peepers. I did find a pattern with veggies to stitch on an apron for my sister - woo-hoo, that will be one Christmas present out of the way. I started a bit of the stitching on that, but no pics yet. I just can't bring myself to get out the big scroll frame with "Once Upon a Time" on it again. *sigh* Maybe once the weather turns, and I'm not spending all my free time tidying the yard or raking leaves in preparation for winter....

On to the SBQ:
Have you ever just quit a project while in the midst of it? (We’re not referring to UFOs here, rather projects that you know that you’ll never work on again.) Why? What did you do with it - throw it out, give it away, put it away?
I have many UFOs, but I always INTEND to finish them. However, when I first started "Stitching the Standard" I was scared of evenweave, so I was using 18-ct. black aida. Ugh! Thanks to everyone at the TWBB I tried evenweaves, and upon discovering that they weren't as bad as I'd thought, I tossed the black aida (it only had a few rows of stitches in it, but let me tell you, stitching black hair on black fabric was worse than stitching the over-one skin tones on flesh-colored Jazlyn!). So I guess the short answer would be.....I throw it out.

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