Tuesday, October 25, 2005

Getting re-acquainted with my stash

After writing about my next "big" project yesterday, I got the urge to go home and root about in my stash. I made the following list of "big" patterns:
- 3 Mirabilias - The Kiss (which I'm not sure how much I like anymore, it was an impulsive purchase from a clearance bin a loooong time ago), Fairy Flora, and the new Mermaids
- 2 MLIs - Celtic Summer and Feathers & Friends
- 2 TWs - Fortunate Traveler and the Storyteller
- 2 Marbek angels - the Garden Angel and the Brittany Angel (both of which I would probably stitch without their wings....I'm not a big angel person....)
- 2 Black Swan Designs - Dragon Heart and the Wisteria Fairy
- Whispered by the Wind's Woodland Offerings
- Dragon Dreams' Kingdom Sampler
- Dew Drop Designs' Autumn
- DMC's King Arthur pattern from a British magazine

Yikes. So you figure at my current speed - 1 or 2 years for a big design - that's 30 years' worth of stitching right there!! Sheesh. And today I was over at Silkweaver, looking at the Stitchers' Showcase galleries....wouldn't you know it, someone has ALREADY finished Mermaids of the Deep Blue?!?!?!? I couldn't believe it. I obviously need to stitch faster.... *sigh*


Carol said...

Very, very nice stash! I feel the same about Mira's The Kiss - I doubt I will ever stitch it either... I saw the new Mermaids too - was fond of it on that ivy fabric.... she must have done nothing else but it once she started :-) YOu are doing fine :-)

Christine Doyle said...

Someone has already finished? Seriously, perhaps that person should slow down on the coffee! Didn't it JUST come out? You stitch at the same speed as me - so we will hang out together in our misery! lol

AnneS said...

Your list of projects look great ... I know what you mean about The Kiss - I bought almost all of the Mirabilia charts years ago, as soon as they were released, and I'm realising the majority I'll never stitch in this lifetime ... next time I fly home, I think it's time to clear out the 'old' stash to Ebay or something. Look forward to seeing which big project you pick up first ... I wouldn't mind doing Feathered Friends too - I'm absolutely crazy about ducks ... OK, I know these are geese, but kinda like ducks ... LOL.