Wednesday, October 26, 2005

Grumpy Wednesday

Bah. It is cold and rainy here, and my mood is a reflection of that.

Last night DH and I decided that Maggie - our "first" cat - can't stay any longer. She is....well.....stupid. You catch her on the table, or playing in the TV cables, or eating your stitching, and punish her....and 2 minutes later she's doing the SAME THING. And this has been going on for almost a year now. It makes DH angry, and that gets me upset, and the cat is just oblivious to it all. Ugh. So we are going to take her to my parents this weekend. Mom's cat died a few months ago, and Mom has been bugging me to give her one of the girls ever since we got Mina (the second one). I know she REALLY wants Mina, because Mina is a beautiful gray kitty and is VERY smart and lovable....but that's not going to happen! The only reason I've held off on shipping Maggie out there this long is that any cat my Mom has will have to live in the garage and be an outdoor cat part of the time. At first this really bothered me....but really, I think Maggie would be happier that way anyway. And Mom does love her kitties - she spoils them and plays with them lots. Dad just won't let them inside.....

Very little stitching going on lately. I've done a few floss lengths on the skirts of OUAT, but that's about it. Help, I need a kick in the pants!

In other news, I'm a bit confused about something I did over at The Wagon. One of the members wanted the Chatelaine New Orleans design, so I signed her up for it anonymously. Today she posted a thank you one of the other members!??!? Martina just emailed me this afternoon saying she would send an anonymous invitation to this I can only assume that another member contacted the gal first to let her know she was signing her up....guess I should have done the same. what to do? Hopefully Martina will see that this person is signed up twice. So, if Martina offers a refund, do I take it.....or sign someone else up....or sign ME up???? *evil grin*

Have to lifeguard tonight -- Wednesdays are sooooooooooo long. I need a nap.

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