Monday, October 10, 2005

Cold weather stitching

Well, it looks like fall/winter is upon us. Over the weekend the thermometer barely climbed over 60 degrees (that's Fahrenheit, my Canadian friends!). Saturday I did some shopping - not stitching-related, though. I DID wander around Jo-Ann Fabrics for a while, fondling pretty things and pawing through the clearance bins...but in the end I was strong and left with nothing. Nope, I came home with cat litter, shave gel and hot cocoa mix, but nothing "frivolous". hehe
Saturday I finished my sister's apron, and I'm not terribly pleased with it. It looks ok, but I'm just not good with waste canvas! I washed the apron and ironed it, and I'm sure she'll be happy with it. I'm just a perfectionist.
Sunday I went out and pulled lots of dead stuff out of our front garden. It was beginning to look like landscaping at the Addams' family mansion! And I trimmed the juniper bushes....they got a lot of new growth over the summer, and were just about ready to molest the mailman (they are on either side of our front steps). Stitching-wise, Sunday I finished the backstitching on the "Trust" square of my Dragon Virtues afghan - just 8 squares to go! (ack.) And last night while I watched the Evil Bastard show (aka Extreme Makeover Home Edition - DH calls it the Evil Bastard show because it has made him cry on occasion!), Law & Order and Crossing Jordan I worked on "Once Upon a Time." Yep, the seasonal changes definitely get me all stitchy again....

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