Wednesday, October 12, 2005

SBQ, 10/12/2005 and Confetti Blues

How do you ‘non-hoopists’ who use a rotation system handle it (as it seems to be lot easier if you are in good terms with hoop)? Do you have several scroll frames? Do you use Q-snaps or maybe something completely different? Or do you just have one or two big projects and others are small enough to be kept in hand while stitching?

I have one large scroll frame (I think it is about 9" x 24" - holds a Mirabilia comfortably) and one smaller frame (6" x 12", maybe? a 9" x 12" piece of fabric fits nicely, anyway). Once the frames are "occupied," I don't take stuff off until it is finished (although there have been exceptions to that....). If I need a break from a bigger project, I will use a hoop....but I don't have any big hoops. I can't get decent tension with a hoop bigger than 6 inches in diameter. So if I use a hoop, it is generally for an ornament or other small design. And I don't leave fabric in the hoop after a stitching session, either, so I could have ZILLIONS of hoop-sized projects going!


I'm being good and continuing with "Once Upon a Time." I wish I had a digital camera so I could share her here! All the blue confetti stitching in her skirt can drive me nutty, though. I can tell that the finished effect will be incredible, it just gets so tedious. I do one stitch, look at the chart, count, count again, make another stitch....ugh. (It probably doesn't help my speed any that I'm trying to watch the Amazing Race or Law & Order on TV while I'm stitching, either!) I end up getting frustrated and switching to another color -- some of the purple in her surcoat or the red in her sleeves. Ah well, a length of floss stitched is a length of floss stitched, no matter the color. And it makes my little ort jar so much more colorful!

I got mail yesterday....some Just Nan charts from eBay. For less than $5, I got "My Fair Ladybug", "Swan Lake" and "Primrose Path" AND the required charms - pretty good deal, I thought! These little designs are so delicate, and they'll be great travel projects for the holidays. I'm also watching 2 other auctions on eBay -- one for 3 pieces of SMF (I've had a serious jones for fabbies lately, can't explain it) and another for Just Nan's "Teddy's Wreath" from the Christmas Toys series. The pattern is retired, and the entire KIT is listed for less than $10....but I'm not sure what to do. I mean, I like it....but what would I DO with it if I stitched it?? *sigh*

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Patti said...

Congratulations on winning your ebay bids - those designs are really pretty and I'm sure quick to stitch up. Love that instant gratification!