Thursday, September 15, 2005

Finishes, Photographs and Obsessions

I finished my little blackwork ornament last night - stuffed, slip-stitched (ugh), and ready to hang. Phew! The silver beads definitely work better on the burgundy fabric, and I used silver metallic ribbon for the hanging loop. Then, on a whim, I made a little silver metallic bow and attached it at the top by the hanger. Very sparkly! It didn't really scan very well, but someday when I've used up a roll of film there will be a picture. I've been taking all of my ornaments out and photographing them - yesterday I hung a bunch in one of our juniper bushes. Hey, it looks kind of like a pine tree.... hehehehe I'm sure my neighbors think I'm nutty.

I've also become completely obsessed with 1) my Stitching Bits & Bobs order and 2) the JCS ornament issue. Everyday I check the order status over at SB&B at least a dozen times....and I've been making nightly runs to the grocery store magazine section to look for the ornie issue (they carry JCS). I'm hereby vowing not to hunt for the issue again until Saturday, though - I have to run some errands then anyway, so I'll be in the vicinity of Borders and Barnes & Noble. Hopefully by then one of them will have it on the shelves.

Last night I actually got out the Dragon Virtues afghan and did 2 lengths of backstitching. I didn't realize that the square I want to finish IS finished except for the backstitching! Hey, that will make meeting that goal a lot easier..... Only about 7 squares (I think) to go and it will be done. I'm stitching the virtues in every other square around the edge of a baby afghan - one of those ones with the big center section and the smaller border squares. I can't use all of the series, since there are is only room for 12 (or is it 13? anyway). But I've already stitched "Wisdom" and "Strength" on little Aida squares, and I have some dark green corduroy to make them into pillows. I also plan to do something different with the afghan...I have some cute green/yellow "speckled" flannel to use as backing, and satin blanket binding. It will protect (and hide!) the back of my stitching, make the blanket a bit heavier and warmer, and eliminate that afghan fringe that I hate (it always gets tangly and dirty, especially if you USE the blanket...).

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Patti said...

Congratulations on your finish Erin. I look forward to seeing the photo. I am sure the silver beads will look better -I'm partial to silver myself! :-)