Saturday, September 17, 2005

Changing Tastes?

I'm not sure what is happening to me, but my stitching preferences seem to be changing a bit. I still love fantasy designs in the styles of Teresa Wentzler, Jennifer Aikman-Smith, Nora Corbett, and Marilyn Leavit-Inblum, but lately I seem to be gravitating a bit toward the Lizzie Kate/Bent Creek/"primitive" camp. Maybe it is just that since finishing "Stitching the Standard," all the confetti stitching and color changes drive me buggy.... who knows.

Today I finally trekked to my LNS and bought my JCS ornie issue! I got tired of the nightly pilgrimages to the supermarket hoping hey'd have it out, and I called Barbara (the LNS owner) to make sure she had it before I went out there. However, what I was afraid would happen DID - I ended up buying more than just the magazine (but all from the 50%-off bins, if that counts for anything!)..... I think someone needs to take away my credit card. Anyway, I came home with:
-my ornie issue
-Dragon Dreams' Love is Magic
-Erica Michaels' Seasons of the Heart 1
-Something in Common's Cotton Candy sampler
-Just Nan's "Spring Peepers" and a little frog charm for it
(Both the Peepers and the Cotton Candy pieces reminded me of my childhood...Cotton Candy for obvious reasons, and the peepers because we used to live out in the country and I could hear peepers and bullfrogs every night!)
I spent less than $20, but it was still things I don't NEED..... *sigh*


Kiwi Jo said...

hey it was on sale - you saved money!!

Patti said...

That's a pretty good haul for only $20 and remember, need has nothing to do with it! LOL

My tastes changed alot too - I was a big LK and BC fan and I still am but now I really gravitate to CHS and more antique sampler style things. Who knows maybe it will change again. Enjoy your stash!