Monday, August 15, 2005

Dress your librarian in cotton and denim...

(yep, I've shamelessly ripped off David Sedaris for a post title. Sad, isn't it?)

So I came to work today in jeans and a t-shirt (my "Why You Should Fall to Your Knees and Worship a Librarian" t-shirt, no less), expecting to be sent to our branch campus to help unpack their library, which has been moved to a new building. The new librarian they hired out there is barely competent -- and worse, she has NO initiative. We had to tell her to order bookends. OK, I won't start ranting, I promise.... But anyway, this morning the dean realized that if we ALL went to help, there'd be no librarians here. So on the remote possibility that there *might* be a reference question today, I've been left alone in my office. Wheeeee!

I've been cruising blogs and shopping a good part of the day. *grin*

No purchasing for me, though....I was very naughty this weekend and bought TWO British cross stitch magazines at Barnes & Noble. I can't remember which titles they were (they all look kind of the same to me!), but one had a Lilliput Lane cottage pattern and a sweet little fairy that I HAD to have, and the other had a free kit of Popcorn the Bear that was just too adorable to pass up. What can I say, I have NO willpower.


cathymk said...

Wow, a casual day in the library! We get one a month, but they always, very suspiciously fall on my days off!

Lelia said...

I have no willpower either. When I see 'stuff' & try to turn aside, IT JUMPS INTO MY SHOPPING BASKET. How does that happen? I said over & over, no buying, just stitch what it here .... and I orderd 4 more charts from the LNS. Justify as .... Well, Mary Garry patterns are getting scarce, I need them NOW.