Sunday, August 21, 2005

Baskets and Butterflies

Last night I finished Black Swan's "Flight of Fancy" square from the Celebration of Stitching book. It turned out really cute, I think! I stitched it on mint green Jubilee, and changed the border from blues to greens.

I used some quilter's batting to make it into a padded top for a teeny basket I picked up last week at the craft store, and edged it (to hide the glue) with purple ribbon. It is adorable, even if I didn't get it perfectly centered..... I took a pic and should have some film developed soon.

Yesterday was a little will be ALL about stitching and relaxing! I agreed to help out a friend and lifeguard for a Girl Scout camp yesterday. I didn't realize I'd be driving 25 miles one-way to guard for no pay for an hour! Oh well. It gave me an excuse to get out and use some gift certificates I had for a local department store (since I had to pass the store on my way out and back!), and I stopped at A.C. Moore and took advantage of their 7/$1 DMC floss sale. I also grabbed one of those complete "Daydreams" kits - the ones that come with the glass, mats, and everything - from the 50%-off bin.


Kiwi Jo said...

That's very pretty Erin! I look forward to seeing the finished basket.

Isabelle said...

That's so cute and dainty! Looking forward to seeing the basket now!

tkdchick said...

Erin your butterfly is gorgeous and I'll be waiting to see your basket!!