Friday, July 01, 2005

Unstitched - an Update on Everyday Life

Well, the weather is still ungodly hot here, and stitching has ground to a halt. (Although I did do a few rows on "Blessed are the Piecemakers" today at stitching with my coworker since pretty much everyone else took the day off.) So, since I DO have a life outside of my stitching stash....

"My" faire starts this weekend - the Great Lakes Medieval Faire. I'm not a cast member, but I'm a costumed patron who loves the atmosphere and plays along whenever possible. I love it when a mundane mistakes me for cast, asks a question, and I'm able to answer them without mumbling something about "not working here"!! Sadly, however, I won't be able to attend as much as I'd planned this year. My friend Fiona was a vendor last year, selling garb, and I hung about her tent quite a lot. She told me that this year, if I'd come regularly and help her out from time to time (I'm a great salesperson.....and most of my garb was made by her....), she'd hook me up with a vendor gate pass - $5 instead of the $50 price for a standard season pass. Well, evidently there was some horrible communication between the faire management and Fiona, and they claim they never got her request for a spot. When Fiona showed up earlier this week to check out her site, they turned her away, saying that they had a full compliment of vendors and didn't need her. <:( Grrrrrr. Since the faire is about 45 min. from my home, and gas prices are still climbing, I just can't spend $50 for a pass AND all the money on gas for 2 round-trips per weekend. (As it was I probably would have only made 1 visit per weekend anyway, unless Fiona was desperate for help.) So I've planned for TWO visits - yes, just two sad little trips. Next weekend is the Celtic Fling weekend, so I'm going to get out there on Sunday to jam with the Rogues. Mmmmmm, yummy men in kilts with bagpipes and bodhrans...... And one of my favorite musicians, Owain Phyfe, will be there later in the season for 2 weekends, so I'm hoping to catch one of those dates as well. Our faire message board has had some scary news on it lately regarding the management...I hope this isn't the end of the GLMF.

We finally got in touch with our contractor, and he'll be out to finish our basement on July 11-12th. Yay!

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