Monday, June 27, 2005

Hot, Humid and Cranky

Ugh. I hate the heat. I will never, EVER move to the South/Southwest....I don't know how Floridians/Texans/Californians can stand it. This weekend it was in the upper 80s here, and humid - I was miserable. We don't have central air conditioning, so I spent most of my weekend moving as little as possible and drinking lots of ice water. I planted myself on my "stitching couch", popped in a couple discs of Buffy the Vampire Slayer, and stitched a good part of the day Sunday! "Blessed Are the Piecemakers" is coming along nicely. I have the top border, "Blessed are the," the angel's head and one wing and part of the quilt she is holding, and the "middle" quote ("A quilt is the perfect blend of color, comfort and love) finished. It is a fun little design, although it isn't one I'd ever stitch for myself. And I've learned the rice stitch, which is a neat little bit of stitching!

Well, cross your fingers for me that I'll be able to get a better night's sleep tonight....our window AC unit in the bedroom is dying, and last night it started making an awful clicking noise that kept me awake for almost half and hour. Finally I poked DH and he turned the thing off, but then the bedroom got hot and heavy...and I still couldn't sleep. Blah. Maybe I'll just hide out here in the library tonight after we lock up. Mmmmmmmmm, AC......

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