Thursday, July 14, 2005

This blog was created for stitching news....

...but I've been so hideously unmotivated. Although I did make a new banner for the blog.....

The wedding was nice. I got a MASSIVE haircut the day before the event, so I was effectively traveling "incognito" for the day. That was fun! I scared the crap out of the bride's mom - who has known me since grade school - when I came up to her in the receiving line. hehehehe

The Faire, of course, was awesome. I had lots of fun, and even managed to become obssessed with someone of the pipers in the Celtic pipe & drum band that was performing last weekend. Yum. He had Legolas hair.
I wish I could get to the faire more this summer, but gas prices (the faire is about an hour away) combined with rising ticket prices are making it tough. And Hubby isn't as enamored with the whole scene as I am....

Our basement is almost "finished"! We were originally going to make it into a family room, but after getting some estimates and learning how "permanent" waterproofing treatments can NOT be, we decided to go for some decent storage space instead. The walls have been painted with a couple coats of special paint, the contractor has put in some AWESOME built-in shelving for our camping gear and other random storage, and today he is finishing my pantry at the foot of the stairs and a cedar closet. We also had new windows put in. We thought about having the half-bath that is down there finished, too, but decided that for now we can get by with our one bathroom and will put that money toward some paint and smaller fix-ups for some other rooms. I'll just be thrilled to get the cat litter boxes out of the spare bedroom upstairs, and the boxes of Christmas decorations out of the dining room.....

Obligatory Stitching Update
I've stitched.....uh......about three strands of floss on "Blessed are the Piecemakers" in the past month. That's it. I'm such a slug. But with all the other stuff I have going on, plus the usual cooking/cleaning/laundry that needs to be taken care of, I'm just not in the mood to stitch in the evenings like I was before. Ah well. It comes and goes. It'll be back!!

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