Sunday, June 19, 2005

Weekend Wackiness

In non-stitching news, this weekend was our annual neighborhood block sale. Last year we sold the two fake fireplaces (!!!) from our house - the previous owner's decorating style, definitely NOT mine - plus some of the electronics and furniture that had "doubled" when we got married, and came out about $200 richer at the end of the day. This year we weeded through even more of our stuff, sold my old computer, LOTS of our books and movies, and were ahead by over $400 by Saturday afternoon! All of that will go into our redecorating fund, of no stash enhancement for me. <:( I did spend $5 at another sale, for a stoneware casserole dish....but since I only have one covered casserole, I figure that purchase was a "necessity." *grin*

I sold exactly ONE pattern in our sale. hehe It was a computer-generated one I bought on eBay, and it was a massive project. Also, as far as I know it wasn't a copyright violation, but just in case it was I didn't want to relist it on I put a 25-cent price tag on it and figured I'd end up throwing it out anyway. Oddly enough, someone bought it! And even stranger, it was an odd little man who also bought 2 half-used notepads and a pair of my husband's old shoes. Bizarre.

Oh, and I picked up the "Peep" piece from my framer. She did a beautiful job! It was very simple, just a light pine frame with no matting. I don't know for sure where my friend will want to display it, and I wanted to make sure that it would work with any decor and not be a big dramatic thing. I meant to take a picture of it framed for my stitching album, but my friend stopped by our sale just as I got back with the piece, so I just gave it to her. She loved it - that makes me soooooo happy!! I get more thrills out of sharing my stitching than I do out of the act of stitching - well, sometimes. She promised me she'd take a picture one it was on the wall so I could have it for my album. Hooray!!

I also got the Kreinik I need to finish the Dragon Fire castle.....but now I 've started "Blessed are the Piecemakers," and I'm having a lot of fun with it. Guess the castle will just have to wait a bit!

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Congrats on the sale :)