Monday, June 13, 2005

Need Finishing Help/Ideas

OK, gals - I KNOW there are people out there reading but not commenting. Now I need help!

Over the weekend I finished my wedding gift. I took the Rose Wreath design by Wren Song Designs from the "Celebration of Stitching" book and converted the pinks to reds, since the bride told me that was her wedding color. The square itself is only about 2 inches square -- then I added the bride and groom's initials and wedding date underneath. The whole thing is about 2" wide by 3" high. I've thought about getting a pretty 3"x5" silver "wedding-y" frame for it...or should I make it into an ornament of some kind? Help! (Also, I've neither framed or sewed any of my stitching before, so I need some guidance either way...)

I'll post a picture of my little square tomorrow. In the meantime, I think I'll start Dragon Dreams' "Blessed Are the Piecemakers" pattern. It will be a Christmas gift for DH's grandmom!

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tkdchick said...


Personally I think I'd go with the frame. If you wanted to make it seem a little bigger you could get a 5x7 frame and have 1.5" mats side to side and 2" mat top and bottom. Or stick with your original idea as long as you have enough fabric to fill that frame.

As for stretching there are plenty of websites out there with directions. Or feel free to e-mail me and I'll guide you.

If you don't want to frame but "finish" it I'd look at making it either into a "cube-it" or a flat fold. I don't think I'd make it into an ornament that just seems a little tacky for a wedding gift.