Thursday, June 09, 2005

Furballs Strike Again

I came downstairs this morning to discover that Maggie, my freak-show cat, had been snacking on a plastic bag. Unfortunately, it was the plastic bag that contained my finished Tole Heart!! I was furious. There are only a few little kitty tooth-holes in the fabric, and I managed to fix them with a needle and the iron, but still. Ugh. I HAVE to find a way to cure this cat of her bizarre eating habits. Any ideas??

I made myself sit down and work on the metallic border of the castle...but wouldn't you know it, I ran out of Kreinik!! And since I have some vacation time to burn, maybe I'll take tomorrow off so I can run to my LNS (she is only open from 10-3, and I usually work from 8-4). If I can finish the castle soon, I'd like to submit it to Mindy's "Decorate the Sugar Shack" contest......

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