Monday, June 06, 2005

More Goodies....

Today my latest (and last, for a while!) stash arrived....6 back issues of Just Cross Stitch. I won them on eBay, and bid on them because I wanted TW's "Regal Peacocks" and "Along Life's Way"....what I didn't realize is how many other TW designs I was getting! I now have the little "Elf and Flower" pattern, plus the Goosegirl and Shepherdess which I've heard are hard to come by. My collection of TW patterns is now many, many times the size that it was!! (Since I only had 2 before.) Cripes. But my next start will probably be something VERY small....I think I'm going to do one of the little squares from the "Celebration of Stitching" book and add the initials of a couple who is getting married next month. I was going to stitch something bigger for them, but then I thought about it. And since the bride-to-be was invited to my wedding, but didn't even return my RSVP, much less send a card....well, I don't feel guilty about not doing an elaborate project or spending a lot of money. Is that bad? Heh.

In other I a freak because I got excited that we found the Coyote Ugly soundtrack as we were doing our year-end clean-out of the library's lost and found bin?!?!?

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