Wednesday, May 18, 2005

Teresa Wentzler on hiatus - my thoughts

I wasn't going to comment on this, but since it was the TWBB that really introduced me to everything from evenweaves to hand-dyed fabrics and flosses, and this is a bit of a hot topic over there, I figured I'd babble a bit.

Now, I've never actually STITCHED a TW design. I found my way to the TWBB from Jennifer Aikman-Smith's Dragon Dreams website, - she mentioned "the TWBB" when she posted her "Dani the Stitching Dragon" design as a freebie. Needing to know what that was all about, I Googled TWBB.....and the rest is history. Among my stash I now have "You Were Hatched," "Fortunate Traveler," and "The Storyteller", and I'm currently watching some eBay auctions for magazines that contain a few of her smaller designs. It is probably blasphemous of me to say this, but while I love the look of her designs, they can be totally overwhelming when I think about actually stitching them. Color blends, specialty stitches, large over-one areas, intricate borders where one missed stitch can throw off the whole thing....eek.

I guess I just don't have the overwhelming sense of loss that so many other stitchers seem to be experiencing. I mean, I love her art...but it isn't as if she is dead or anything! And besides, how many dragons and castles do I really need to stitch? I know, there are more TW designs out there that don't have those elements in them - but those are the ones I really like! If a designer doesn't feel moved to design anymore, whether the reasons are financial, health-related, emotional, whatever...I will wish them the best. If stitching can be a mentally taxing activity at times, I can only imagine how drained a designer must get!

So to sum up, I'm looking forward to stitching the patterns I have - both TWs and others - and I'll be excited to see 1) what new designers emerge as years pass and 2) what those who leave the stitching world do in other artistic forums. Slainte, Teresa!!

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Suz said...

Hi Erin! I agree with you and I understand how overwhelming TW is.. probably why so many of her pieces have been Wips of mine for YEARS! LOL