Monday, May 23, 2005

So overwhelming

I meant to join in the freebie SAL over at the Needle & Thread BB this past weekend, but DH had the weekend off. He was so excited to have some time to spend together that I just couldn't look in those big brown eyes and then curl up on the "stitching end" of the couch with a project, however small! So Saturday we went to a few yard sales, then played on our computers together (yep, we're geeks) and went to dinner with friends. Sunday we went to minor league baseball game and then watched movies in the evening. It really was fun, even if 1) I didn't get any stitching done, and 2) I didn't get any housework done either!!!

But I did do SOMETHING stitch-related....I bought a file cabinet. We stopped by a sale one of my coworkers was having, and she had a two-drawer file cabinet with wheels. She completely overcharged me - $18! - but I know that she and her hubby are having some health-related financial problems, and they are hoping to move somewhere more temperate before the fall, so I tried to smile as I handed her the $20 bill. Besides, right now all my patterns and magazines are stuffed into a plastic hanging file box that is bursting. When we got home, I started wondering how I was going to organize everything... So while DH played City of Heroes on Saturday afternoon, I was busy building my own cross-referenced database of patterns. Ugh. I just didn't realize how much STUFF I have. I ended up with 2 files, one for magazines and one for patterns. I have about 30 magazines (not counting JCS ornie issues) - I'm a very choosy magazine buyer - and around 100 patterns. If you figure there are about 12 patterns in every magazine (they often have more "projects", but often those are just different ways of using the same pattern), I probably have.....close to 500* patterns!!! (because of my 100 patterns, some of those are booklets with 5-10 designs, too.) And I just bought a dozen issue of Country Stitch on ebay, just so I could get TW's "Tole Heart" pattern.....

Anyway. There is no WAY I'll ever stitch all this stuff. Heck, there are patterns I filed away that I'm 99% sure I'll never use....but I'm keeping them "just in case." Just in case of WHAT?!?!? It isn't as if I'll ever just be desperate for something to stitch!! *sigh*

*oh, and that doesn't include all the freebies I have, both on my computer and printed off in my freebie binder.

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tkdchick said...

Sometimes its more important to spend time with those close to you rather than stitching. I didn't stitch much either, I spent the weekend with my other half and my nephew.

Anyhow I'm proposing aonther freebie sal in July!