Tuesday, May 24, 2005


So after my humbling experience with my stash over the weekend, what am I doing this morning? Well, instead of getting some work done (but hey, the students are gone for the summer, so there isn't THAT much to do right now....), I've been cruising stitchingbitsandbobs.com, looking at new patterns. Sigh.

So far I've got:
Enchanted Needle - Blooming Knot, Magic, and Take Root
Monsterbubbles - Lost
Little House Needleworks - The Bookshelf
Young Designs - Autumn Reflections, Spring Along the Roadside, and Winter in the Forest.

They are a bit of a change from my usual stitching subjects - castles, dragons, and fantasy - but I like them just the same. The Monsterbubbles pattern would be a gift for my brother-in-law, who loves Tolkien and who often seems to be wandering through life... "The Bookshelf" made it on my wish list because, hey, I'm a librarian, after all! The Young Designs patterns all remind me of my childhood. I grew up out in the woods of rural western Pennsylvania, and these designs really "speak" to me. Especially the spring one, which looks like the roads we used to travel to visit my grandmother, and winter, which WAS my backyard. As for autumn, well, I just love those colors anyway!!!

Ah well. Listing them all and talking about them here kind of calms the clicky finger. I swear this is a monthly thing for me...around "that time of the month", I just HAVE To buy patterns. I'm such a freak.

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