Tuesday, April 12, 2005

Sensing a theme here?

I've been stitching merrily along on the Dragon Fire Designs castle pattern from the latest issue of Just Cross Stitch, and I just realized something. My "long-term" project - kind of on the backburner for now - is "Once Upon a Time" by Butternut Road. And the title of the Dragon Fire pattern?? "Once Upon a Time"!!! Oh dear. (And I also have at least one more "Once Upon a Time" design, from Camelot Designs. Sheesh.)

The Dragon Fire castle is stitching up nicely. The pattern isn't too complicated, but the fact that I'm using a Sugar Maple Fabrics LINEN (instead of my usual evenweave) is slowing me down a bit. My eyes start to go googly if I stitch for too long!! I had to change the Kreinik used in the border, too. The pattern calls for 5003 - Dragonfly - but my LNS didn't have any. So I'm trying 0026 - Amethyst - and I think it looks awesome with the fabric. I'll try to post a pic here soon!

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