Friday, April 08, 2005

I'm obviously anal-retentive and stitching-obsessed.

One of my coworkers who stitches brought in one of her framed pieces to show off today. She stitched a little sampler as an anniversary gift for her parents, cut her own mat, and put it in a frame designed for record albums (or 12 x 12 scrapbook pages). A little non-traditional, but still pretty. BUT....when she took the frame apart to show me how she had "stretched" the fabric....OMG! She did use foam board, but rather than lace or pin the fabric, she fastened the fabric to the board with PACKING TAPE. I about died. I tried, as tactfully as possible, to ask why she didn't try a more preservation-friendly method.

"Oh, why bother," she said. "I'm not paying someone to do it for me! And I don't really want to bother learning. Besides, I don't care what happens to the crap I stitch once I'm gone."

I guess I see my stitching as a bit of a legacy - not just something to be thrown away in a few decades. I don't mind paying to have a piece framed "correctly". To me, that is an investment! I hope that someday my kids/nieces/nephews/friends will treasure the things their dear friend (or family member) stitched, and will get as much joy from displaying them as I got from creating them.

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Karen said...

What a shame that she thinks of her stitching as "crap" :(

I must admit that I have "glue-laced" a few small pieces, ornaments and the like, but certainly with big pieces, I pay a good framer to do them properly (I'm too chicken to do it myself ;) )

Karen V