Monday, April 04, 2005

April SNOWSTORMS bring.....HDs!

(Update on the kitty front: the gray kitty has arrived! It has been a few weeks now, and she is settling in nicely. Her snaggly-toothed little face is becoming quite endearing....even to DH. She is still a bit skittish, but can be quite lovely when she wants to be. I'll post a pic when I get one developed and scanned.)

So we got about a FOOT of SNOW yesterday....horrid wet heavy stuff that was awful to shovel. I boycotted shoveling and stayed inside to stitch! I finished Black Swan's "Fire & Ice" Sunday morning.

It is stitched on 28-ct. Silkweaver Reflections "Moondust" - an opalescent, although it doesn't show so well in the scan. I'm hoping to do TW's "You Were Hatched..." on the same fabric and have them framed as a pair (since they are the same size).

But, since I didn't have YWH kitted yet, and I HAD to start something new..... I started the "Once Upon a Time" enchanted castle design by Sherry Schons (Dragon Fire Designs) from the April 2005 issue of Just Cross Stitch. I'm doing it on a piece of SMF "Jewels" linen, which is purple/pink with touches of blue. I think I'll call the finished piece "Hogwarts at Sunset", since I was watching Harry Potter last night and the design really reminds me of that neat castle!

And finally, I made a great find on Saturday. I was at the local thrift shop, rooting through their books, and found a treasure trove of x-stitch patterns! I have a feeling that when elderly stitchers pass on, their families just don't want to deal with piles of leaflets and magazines.... Anyway, I got a super cute book of Paddington Bear patterns for 29 cents!! This is especially cool, because one of my friends is pregnant with her second child, and I gave her first a stuffed Paddington as a gift. Now I can stitch a Paddington for #2, and maybe another for the first later! It couldn't have been more appropriate.

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