Tuesday, March 15, 2005

no kitty......but stash is always good!

So my new kitty is not home yet...apparently there was some mis-communication, and she was not spayed as planned, so the shelter workers did not drop her off on Saturday. I was less than pleased.

But coming to work on Monday was fun...because I got a stash delivery!!! I had my order from Stitching Bits & Bobs delivered to work instead of home. (DH is totally supportive of my hobby, but I still feel guilty sometimes.) Anyway, I got:
1- TW's "You Were Hatched" Fantasy Faire limited edition
2- Brenda Franklin's "Sea Serpent" Fantasy Faire limited edition
3- Dinky Dyes' "Fantasy Blues" hand-dyed cotton
4- M Designs' "Celtic Heart"
5- Sisters and Best Friends' "Birth Sampler Bless"
- TW's Renaissance Bookmark
- Dragon Dreams' Morning Fairy
- Black Swan's Fire and Ice

Of course I HAD to start stitching something....so I dove into Fire and Ice. I'm doing it on Silkweaver Reflections "Moondust" (I *think* that is what it is, anyway). Really pretty! And I cut my fabbie in such a way that I should have enough to do "You Were Hatched" on the same fabric. It is perfect for little dragon designs - mottled orangey-brown with opalescent fibers woven in. Yum!!

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Anonymous said...

Hiya. Is your kitty home yet? I am looking forward to seeing a piccie of him or her.