Wednesday, March 09, 2005

Winter blahs

Once again, my stitching has stalled...... ugh. I can't take much more of this gray, freezing weather. You'd think that the ickiness OUTside would make it easy to stay INside and stitch - but no, apparently my mind doesn't work that way! And of course, it doesn't help that people I work with are talking about spring break and vacationing in warm sunny places, while I scrounge every penny I can for our basement remodeling. I try to look at it as an investment, something I can enjoy year-round versus one week of sun and relaxation....but nah, I still want the sun and relaxation!!!

We MIGHT be adding a new kitty to our house this weekend - assuming all goes well with the "Pet Nazi" shelter worker who has to deliver the kitty. I've been trying to call her all week to clarify a few things about Miss Kitty (she was thrown from a moving car as a kitten, and needed some reconstructive surgery - I *think* everything is fixed, but I had a few questions before I make a really expensive committment that we just can't handle!), but no one ever answers the phone at the shelter. It is really annoying, especially since the worker told me on Sunday that if we changed our minds before this coming Saturday - when they will deliver Miss Kitty after her spaying - to CALL THEM. Well geez, what if I'd decided I didn't want the cat?!?!?!? How would they know?!?!?!? Sheesh. Anyway, at this point you're probably wondering how all this relates to stitching - well, I'll tell you! My current kitty, Maggie, simply MUST be near me. All the time. Which makes it VERY hard to stitch. So part of my strategy behind getting a second cat is to give her a playmate, thereby keeping her off of me and away from my pretty threads (which she feels the need to bat everytime they come through the fabric....)! We'll see how that goes - with my luck I'll just end up with TWO cats who have to be on my lap while I stitch.

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Anonymous said...

Aww - I hope you do adopt Miss Kitty. Aren't some people just cruel. Poor little thing. I have a cat like Maggie who just wont leave me alone, but on the odd occasion when Maggie isn't with you, do you feel like somethings missing?