Friday, January 14, 2005

Back for another year!

Well, here it is the middle of January, and I'm finally getting around to posting again. Sheesh! I'm such a crummy blogger.

My stitching for the new year has kind of tapered off, as well.....I've been having thyroid issues, so I'm always sleepy and never in the mood to stitch much. I did start something for "Guilt-Free January", though - a little kit from Keridwen Crafts called "Celtic Bee." I have similar kits of a butterfly and a Celtic knot, and when they are all done I'd like to find someone to quilt them together as a bellpull/wallhanging of some kind. My sewing skills are limited to buttons and hem/seam repair!

For Christmas my mom got me L&L's Celtic Summer - I want to do it with a beautiful color conversion I found an the L&L boards. Instead of purple and green, she'll be green and gold - yum! Mom also got me an emery cushion. Very cool! I wanted a "pretty" one, not just the strawberry off of a tomato pincushion. She did a good job (with the help of my wishlist at

Anyway, I'll try to post here a bit more, even if I'm the only one who reads it! The "question of the week" blog is gone, so that isn't around to inspire me.....ack......

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