Friday, December 03, 2004

Framed! (and fleeced...)

Last weekend I took my little Stoney Creek "Song of Peace" to Michael's so it would be framed for my dad by Christmas. It was during one of their 50%-off framing specials, and the stitching is only about 3"x5", so I figured it would be pretty affordable.


$70 -- AFTER the 50% was subtracted! Geez. If I'd known how to stretch and lace the piece myself, I could have just bought a mat with a 4"x6" opening (so precut, even!), and a frame - probably 5"x7". As it is, Michael's insists on a minimum of 2 inches of mat around the piece, which means that the finished frame size is something like 8"x9" or something (3/4" of fabric showing on each side of the stitching, then the 2 inches of mat). Ah well. Dad better like it, that's all I can say!!

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