Monday, February 11, 2019

And now we quilt.

For some reason, at this time of year I always get a wild hair and want to start (and FINISH) a quilt project.  At some point last year I picked up some jelly rolls of Tim Holtz's "Correspondence" line, with no real purpose except I just love his stuff with its vintage look and feel.  So there I was, with random strips of fabric....and I Googled...and I thought, "a-ha!  Correspondence!  I should do a postage stamp quilt!"  Obviously, I'm crazy.  But here goes....
The "pattern" I'm using is this one from Etsy, with some changes made to accommodate jelly roll strips instead of honeybuns.  And I'm using that gray fabric (under my scissors) instead of the white blocks in the pattern - in keeping with all that vintage-ness, you know.  Since this picture was taken, I've put together 8 sets of strips and cut them into rows like the 2 to the left of the gray fabric.  Four more of those to go, and then on to the gray blocks....or maybe I'll assemble a few strip blocks first.  We'll see what mood I'm in!

And then, because in the clearance bin with the jelly rolls there were also some 5" x 5" charm packs (which of course I had to grab), I took a leap and taught myself how to do half-square triangles.  It was actually fun!  I have a quilt pattern that is full of them - it is called "Nantucket Sailboats."
(Don't mind the blechy 1980s colors....)

Once I was comfortable with the technique, I decided to go all-in and make a few with my boat fabric.  Here is my first (adorable!) little boat, with updated bright colors.


Mary - Lecoeurceltique said...

I like your colour choices. Both quilts have got off to a good start.

Robin in Virginia said...

Your boat block is adorable. I really like the fabrics being used in the postage stamp quilt.