Monday, March 12, 2018

Unexpected Travel

This past week has been a whirlwind.  My husband's stepfather passed away - not unexpectedly, but still a very sad passing - March 4, which meant we needed to fly to the Midwest late last week.  My daughter, who has never experienced the death of a person she knew before, was anxious to the point of illness ("Mom, my tummy feels all achy" - thankfully, she wasn't throwing up or anything) on Tuesday and Wednesday.  We flew out early Thursday morning, and she was a trooper.  We talked about taking each moment as it came and not worrying about "what came next."  She enjoys flying, so at least that wasn't an issue!  And we stayed at a hotel with a pool, so that was a welcome break (when we could take advantage of it, around all of the events we had to attend and family to see).

I was so proud of her.  When we got to the church for the viewing/funeral, she at first insisted that she did not want to see the body.  I supported her decision, and DH and I figured out how she could best get into the church without being too near the casket.  But as we got close to the door, she told me, "Mom, I think I want to see that."  So I let her lead.  As she got close to the casket, she was joined by another little girl, and the 2 of them stood there studying Grampa Doc for several minutes.  Then my mother-in-law walked up, lovingly fluffed his hair a bit, adjusted his glasses, and patted his chest, saying, "that's my guy."  And THEN, my daughter who had panicked at the idea of seeing a dead person, reached up and patted his hand.  (I tear up just thinking about that!)  Children are so amazing.

In the midst of all that overload, I DID stitch....because I need something to do on those airplanes.  :)
(A little Ink Circles freebie, I think it will work as another jewelry box top when it is finished.)


Justine said...

So sorry to hear of your loss. Sounds like you made the right decision letting your daughter take the lead. She sounds awesome!
That's a pretty stitch with lovely bright colours.

Kay said...

So sorry for your loss. x

Mary - Lecoeurceltique said...

Sorry to read of your family bereavement.

Terri said...

So sorry for your loss! Hugs!

Robin in Virginia said...

Your Ink Circles stitch is a pretty one. I am sorry to read about your FIL's passing. Thinking of you and your family.

Beth said...

I am glad that your daughter was able to go to the funeral and see what happens when someone is no longer alive - that we still love them and care for them and that the service is meant to honor them. And it is not scary.