Monday, March 26, 2018

March WIPocalypse Update

The one thing I love about the WIPocalypse is that there is no stress to stitch/post/"keep up" with anything!  And this past month definitely didn't help me progress much toward finishing any of my long-running WIPs...a death in the family, the ensuing travel, and a bunch of work projects created a perfect storm of AUGHHHHHHHHH (to quote Charlie Brown!).

I DID start - and finish - the little Ink Circles design I shared in my previous post, which of course left me obsessed with finding more smalls to start and finish into other Finished Things.  I did find one, which I'll share later this week in my Smalls SAL update...and I also started SamSarah's "M is for Moon."  Several years ago I stitched "W is for Wizard" from the same series, so when this is done, I'll have my daughter's initials.  Maybe I'll even look into framing them for her room.
I used the Newport linen with white threads instead of red - I just like the white better.  And I've substituted for all the colors, since 1) my LNS no longer carries GAST and 2) I have enough flosses in my stash that I can definitely get "close enough"!
While this wasn't officially something from my WIP pile, it IS a project I bought intending to finish, so stitching it and getting the pattern out of my stash will still be an accomplishment.

For this month's question, Measi asks: What newer designers and product creators (fabric or floss dyeing, etc.) out there have you discovered and recommend?
I have so much floss and fabric in my stash that I'm rarely searching out new supplies of such....but browsing patterns is a different story!  And since I just recently started lurking about on Instagram, I've discovered several.  And a couple even have freebies available, either on their websites or via Facebook groups and such.
1) Modern Folk Embroidery - I stitched Jacob's free snowflake design back in December, and he even commented on it when I shared it on Instagram!  I don't always like Quaker-style patterns, but I'm drawn to several of his.  "A Secret Sky" is one of my favorites.  He also designs under the shop name "Dark Crosses" on Etsy, which is his "twisted"/Halloween alter ego of sorts.
2) Stone Street Stitchworks - darn it, another primitive/Quaker designer...LOL  Her freebies are all in her Facebook group.  My favorite pattern for purchase is "Day to Night," with its lovely geometric design and rich colors.
3) And now for something completely different - Snarky Art Company.  (WARNING: language may not be appropriate for work/small children/those who are easily offended!)  I recently caved and bought 3 of her patterns (the 3/$8.99 deal plus a 30% off discount).  Her service was fast and the designs were great!  I got the "when there is only one set of footprints" Star Wars piece, "I'm not a witch, I'm your wife" (from the Princess Bride) and the GoT Peter Baelish quote about numbers vs.....women engaged in a certain profession.....  :)

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Robin in Virginia said...

Super start on the Sam Sarah piece. I think it would be great framed with the previous one you stitched. Perhaps 1 frame with a window pane mat. Thanks for sharing the links for a few designers. Have a wonderful week!