Thursday, February 08, 2018

In which I cannot decide

After showing my husband the piece I started in my previous post, he commented that he "didn't love" the fabric/floss combination.  And then I started to second-guess myself....the thing is, I don't have a lot of options in my stash, and I'm not going to buy anything.  So I started pulling every purplish silk I could find, and stitching bits.
The peach at the top center will be the little fairy that perches there, and the brown and green are the stems and leaves.  There are also some flowers that are supposed to be the same purple as the letters, and I'm considering swapping in another color or 2 for those.  But I still think the original shade I used for the text - all of the middle line there - will work.  The thing I like least about the rest of the options is that they are NOT variegated.  The one on the lower left is a tweeded option - but still not my favorite.  Argh.

Since I couldn't decide, I started something new.  And while everyone else stitches snow and hearts, I decided to pull out Bent Creek's "Autumn House" kit (or at least, most of the kit - I found it in a freebie pile at Celebration of Needlework).
It is just a wee thing, with a finished size of about 4 inches square.  I don't have the acorn charm that came with the kit, but I'm sure I can find a little button or other doo-dad to use in place of that.  I just love those goofy tall, skinny houses....and I did swap colors for the window, because I have an aversion to stitching houses with dark windows.  Lights!


Kay said...

I always try to go with what I have in my stash too, if I can. Occasionally I buy new floss but do feel that most to the time I cam manage by moving up or down a shade. x

Robin in Virginia said...

Love the little skinny house on the Bent Creek piece! I have some purple silks that I would be happy to send your way if you want. Let me know.

Beth said...

Stahs is useful - there's always stitching inspiration there!