Thursday, January 05, 2017

Not Planning for 2017

I was going to title this post something about my plans for the year, but my track record with plans isn't so great.  I have good intentions, it is true, but my follow-through rate is abysmal.  That said...

1) I'm going to do the Smalls SAL again.  I think I'm hooked on the sense of accomplishment!  And it has led me to try new finishing techniques - everything from box tops and ornaments to mounting pieces on/in various found objects, and even a bit of sewing.

2) I'm going to keep pawing through my WIP hiding places, and either finish things or toss them.  For example, I found this little guy the other day; I think he was started in about 2007?  (He was not tossed, I actually stitched a bit on him last night!)
Yeah.  And there are others, too.  I know my Me Myself and I Neighborhood RR piece is around here somewhere.

3) I will finish the Judith Kirby house I started on New Year's.

I think that's all I'm committing to at this point.  I keep pulling out various things - the gnome book from the 80s by Gloria & Pat, the "M" fairy from Mirabilia, a couple others - and I contemplate starting them, but I can change my mind every day!

Oh, and today I dropped off last year's New Year's finish - the Dark Sorceress - at the framer's.  It wasn't cheap (I use a local frame shop, and he is outstanding, but pricey), but I thought maybe it would be both a reward for all the stitching I did in 2016 and an incentive to finish another large frameable project or 2 in 2017...we shall see.

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Mary - Lecoeurceltique said...

You have to finish your Mill Hill Santa :) . You have done so much already, it would be a shame not to.