Monday, July 18, 2016

Making modifications

A couple months ago, I wrote this post about some changes I wanted to try with a pattern designed to be a clock face.  Then I started stitching other things....but earlier this month, I finally pulled this out again and got started.  Here's what I came up with -
The Quaker motif came from a pamphlet of old German patterns that a coworker gave me - she lived in Europe when her husband was stationed there with the military many decades ago, and her stash was very interesting as a result!  I'm stitching the motif with GAST Otter Creek.  On a side note, my LNS decided to get rid of all the GAST they had.  :(  The owner told me that "no one ever buys it, only the Weeks and the Crescent Colors sell."  So all the GAST was $1/skein, and I impulsively loaded up!  I also made some color changes - I used 3371 instead of 310 black, mixed an over-dye (Six-Strand Sweets "Fruit Punch") with the darkest pink in the lady's dress to soften it a bit, and changed the greens from DMC 890 and 730 to 3345 and 469.  Oh, and the middle band on the flower basket is done in satin stitch instead of crosses.

Hmmmm, I may have made a LOT of changes here....but so far I like it!


Melinda said...

What an amazing deal - $1 for GAST!!!! How could you pass that up. You have made great color choices and your project looks great

Jo who can't think of a clever nickname said...

What a bargain! I would have snapped them up too.
Nice work on your new project too, very elegant people.