Friday, August 16, 2013

Wizards and wonderful mail

SamSarah Designs, "Baubles: W is for Wizard"
stitched on 28-ct. Newport linen
with floss substitutions
 I just love these little guys.  I think I will have them framed (when I have a bit of money saved up, who knows when that will be) and then hang them near my shelves full of Harry Potter books!

Secondly, I received some absolutely delightful mail today.  I won Meggie's 200-follower giveaway over at the Cross Stitch Cottage, and the package was in my mailbox this afternoon!  Her little bunny is exquisite.  And the stash....yay!  I think my favorites are the Joan Elliott book and the can I NOT love a color called "Pixie Dust"?!?!?  Thank you so much, Meggie!

 The bunny does not yet have a name - I thought I'd give my Wee One the honor of naming her.  (So don't be surprised if her name ends up being something like "Stripey Bunny."  LOL We're still in that literal naming phase...)  For now she is sitting with my ort jar in my stitching nook.

And here are all the goodies Meggie sent!  Isn't it lovely?  And I promise, I took the snips away from the bunny right after the picture was taken -- we all know bunnies aren't to be trusted with scissors!!  As I said, I'm absolutely thrilled to have the Joan Elliott book and the flosses, and while some of the other things aren't my typical style, I've found a few that might come in handy for gifts and such.  Thank you again, Meggie!


Blu said...

Very cute finish! Those are some lovely goodies from Meggie.

Mii Stitch said...

Great finish & great goodies from Meggie :)

Sara said...

Love your wizards! Congrats on your win, you got some nice stash:)

Manuela Albanese - Cross Stitch Designer said...

Lovely !

Anonymous said...

Hello Erin

Great wizard finish!
Glad everything arrived safely and you were pleased with it (:

Dani - tkdchick said...

Wow, you like just bought that fabric!!!

Sofia Sana said...

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Appreciable work..
Thank u...
Very timely Post.

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Anonymous said...

Love the wizards and what you plan to do with them! I'm currently re-reading the Harry Potter series. Such a great story. :)