Monday, August 26, 2013

Nattering away

No pics to show today (or probably for a while, since I'm involved in TWO exchanges that need to go out at about the same time!). I've also been working on a little fall piece for a friend. I'm sending her husband - an old high school classmate of mine - a book that our library was discarding about building furniture that I thought he'd like, and I wanted to include something for her in the package as well. She doesn't stitch, but she is a country lover/crafter, so I thought, "how hard would it be to make a little something?" Silly me. LOL I skimmed her Pinterest board and found a lot of fall decor ideas with berries and sticks and ribbons, so I thought I could turn an ornament into a floral "pick" - or as my daughter calls it, a lollipop! It is turning into quite an undertaking, though. Wish me luck! I'm still stitching on it, and will try to take some pics of the assembly process when I get there.
I've been doing pretty well resisting stash...I was very tempted by the latest issue of Just Cross Stitch, because I loved the Halloween spider ornament - in the lower left.
However, I was thoroughly UNimpressed with the rest of the issue, and on principle I'm refusing to buy it!  Please, JCS, no more elaborate florals.... :P
I'm also falling in love with Mirabilia's new "Red."
Gorgeous.  I love the idea of a grown-up Red Riding Hood!  And I have a lovely piece of forest green fabric I could stitch this on.....
Finally, The Primitive Hare has started a series of fairy tale designs, too, and I've been rather drawn to them as well.  Her style is different from things I usually stitch, but maybe that is why I like these?  Who knows.
Look, it is Red again - little this time.
And to accompany her - Sleeping Beauty.
But I shall be strong, and go back to stitching from my stash.....thanks for letting me enable the rest of you, though!!  >:)


cucki said...

Sweet new two designs..I love them too.
Pretty ornaments too.
Hugs x

Cole said...

There are so many great new charts out there, it's hard to resist temptation!! Good luck :D

Dani - tkdchick said...

I did pick up the latest issue of JCS I thought the ornaments were better than the Halloween issue!

Zeb said...

Ugh I hear you about this year's JCS. I bought the Halloween issue and can't say I'm terribly impressed. The issue you bought might actually be MORE interesting!

Parsley said...

I too find it hard to resist new charts when I have others pending.

Jo who can't think of a clever nickname said...

We have the same taste!! I loved that spider as soon as I saw it.
I also agree with you about the elaborate florals but here in the UK it is either cutesy creatures or big expanses of plain stitching in one colour so I am always happy to get my JCS.
If you like Fairy Tale stitching, you may like to join us in this SAL: