Tuesday, March 19, 2013

Reading, not stitching

Inspired by Anna and her "craft-a-day" for the month of March, I decided that while I may not be able to craft something daily, I could READ something about crafting daily.  So to that end, I started with Amy Sedaris and "Simple Times: crafts for poor people."

And I think it is hilarious!  If you are not familiar with Amy Sedaris, I should warn you that this is NOT a how-to book.  Regardless of where it may be shelved at your public library (and yes, there were people posting in the Amazon reviews that they found it in the craft section and were upset/disappointed/etc), it is a parody and quite irreverent.  Some might even find it offensive.  Me, I'm reading it because it "transports us back to a golden time when we wore hand-made sweaters, carved our own cooking utensils out of bark, and the best people would buy books based on a whim." LOL 
The other thing that killed me was the "How Are We Using Our Crafts?" chart, which listed: 1) Camper decorations, 2) Old people presents, 3) Chew toy, 4) Dust accumulator, 5) As evidence we don't spend all our time doing absolutely nothing, and 6) Salvaged for parts to make other crafts.
I often point out #5 to Dear Husband.  :D

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Anna van Schurman said...

Glad I was able to inspire you! I love Amy Sedaris. :)